twion city tour in Heidelberg

17. Mar 2016 | By: RE
twion active drive for wheelchairs

Expanding limits and no lack of drive!

One of the most beautiful cities is Heidelberg with its world-famous castle, the oldest university, historic old town lanes and with a lively and varied culture scene. The harmonious ensemble of castle, old town and the Neckar in the midst of the Mountains already inspired poets. However, these differences in altitude deterred wheelchair users until now. The innovative active drive from Alber now provides an efficient and flexible solution. With high speed up to 10km/h in sport mode and eco mode the city can be experienced from all perspectives! Stroll along the promenade and gain insights into the highlights of Heidelberg. No fear of long ways, steep slopes or bridges. Detours are out of date. For this guided citiy tour you can fit the twion per Quick-on-retainer directly at the wheelchair. Alternatively there are also some demo wheelchairs available.

The clou: you can expand your trip optionally with an overnight stay in the barrier-free...

twion action day on 21/3/2014 in Heidelberg

07. May 2014 | By: RE

On Friday 21 March 2014, interested wheelchair drivers can test the new active drive from Alber during an action day at the Aktiv-Reha-Center in Heidelberg. The event will start at 7.00 p.m. Both the drive and the innovative BlueDrive controller can be tried out on a test course. Anyone who wishes to do so can have the twion fitted to their own wheelchair by means of a quick-on bracket. Food and drink will of course also be available. The Heidelberg-based band "The Wright Thing" will provide the entertainment. For more information, please visit:

Preview: twion action day at the Aktiv-Reha-Center Heidelberg

07. May 2014 | By: RE

An action day with the twion will be held at the Aktiv-Reha-Center on 21/3/2014. Here, you will have the opportunity to test the new active drive from Alber in your own wheelchair. The drive wheels will be fitted to your wheelchair in a matter of minutes. A test course will be available for you to then perform an extensive test drive. You will of course also be able to look at and try out the functions and features of the new twion Mobility App for yourself. Drop by, it will be worth your while! Further information on the event is also available at

Rehacare 2013: test twion in your own wheelchair

07. May 2014 |

Alber is offering a highlight at this year's Rehacare: the twion test drive in your own wheelchair!As well as presenting the twion in combination with active wheelchairs from various manufacturers, wheelchair drivers will be able to test the twion in their own wheelchairs for the first time. There is therefore no need to transfer to an unfamiliar wheelchair that is not individually adapted to you.Like at a pit stop, the manual wheels of your wheelchair are removed and the twion drive wheels fitted. You are briefly lifted by means of a jack-up device, while the pit crew takes care of the wheel change. You remain comfortably seated in your wheelchair during the operation. You can then test the twion extensively around the exhibition centre for a maximum of 3 hours. Afterwards, we will be delighted to receive your feedback by means of a short questionnaire for which we will receive a small gift as a token of our gratitude.So: why not make a "pit stop" at Alber and try out the new twion...