Frequently Asked Questions about the Twion Mobility App & Mobility Plus Package

Where can I get the twion Mobility app? How much does the app cost?  
The twion Mobility App is available as a free download in the Google Playstore.

What are the requirements for the smartphone?
Currently, the app is only available for Android operating systems from version 2.3.5. Probably, the app will be available for IOS operating systems from the end of 2015. Internet capability is mandatory.

What is the Mobility Plus Package?
With the optional Mobility Plus package even more features in the twion Mobility app can be activated and communication with the twion wheels over the phone is possible. Details of the various features can be found here.

Where can I get the Mobility Plus package? How much does it cost?
The Mobility Plus Package is available at your medical supplier for 390 Euro incl. VAT privately.

Is the Mobility Plus Package reimbursed by the cost-bearers?

No, we will not have an aid number for the Mobility Plus Package.

The twion wheels are not found in the app.
Make sure the twion wheels are turned on. Move the twion wheels slightly. Turn off WLAN.

The licence code on the twion card does not work.

Please check your entry. Please make sure that everything is entered correctly. Please make sure that a connection to the Internet exists. Otherwise an online registration is not possible.

Why is it important that I select the left and right wheel properly during the initial installation?
For the correct function of the BlueDrive control it is necessary that the wheels have been selected properly. Otherwise it may happen that you steer the twion wheels with the Blue Drive control in the opposite direction as you originally selected.

Unfortunately I could not hear which wheel did the acoustic signal. 
Just select the left wheel first and then the right wheel. If you notice that within the Blue Drive control the wheelchair moves in the opposite direction as you originally selected, you can swap the tires within the app. Under Connection Manager -> Manage pair of wheels -> Swap wheels -> Confirm entry.

When I am in the Blue Drive control, the wheelchair moves in the opposite direction as desired.
You probably swapped the left and right wheels after the last demounting. However, you do not need to swap the wheels back manually, you can do this within the app. Under Connection Manager -> Manage pair of wheels -> Swap wheels -> Confirm entry.

Sometimes the connection aborts. What needs to be done?
The range of the app is about 10 meters. An active WLAN has an additional negative effect. If this is disabled, the Bluetooth connection is much more stable.

Do I have to redo my settings every time I connect again?
No, the settings remain stored until changes are made.

I have a new Smartphone. How do I connect myself now to the twion wheels?
You must download the twion Mobility App again and perform initial installation with the existing licence code.

What does ECO, SPORT and AUTO mean?
ECO, SPORT and AUTO are denominations of predefined drive profiles.
In ECO, the customer must use more personal power, saving on range. ECO is recommended for indoor usage.
In SPORT mode, it is possible to achieve more dynamic driving and it should be used primarily outdoors. In AUTO mode, the twion wheels switch automatically at a predefined battery capacity from SPORT to ECO.

What should I do in case of maintenance?
If you get a new wheel from us, you must delete your existing pair of wheels in the app (Connection Manager -> Manage pair of wheels -> Delete pair of wheels) and complete the initial installation with the new wheel. It is possible to reuse your licence key.